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the surface and back to the shore. Her mother fed
herself, and then gently put some fish into Princess’s
beak. The little chick swallowed it up gratefully.
“Are you ready to try?” she asked.
“Definitely,” the determined little penguin
said. They then headed back down to the ocean
floor. As they swam thru the blue water, Princess
noticed two emerald green sea turtles gliding past
them. Princess thought about how nice it would be
to have a protective shell in these waters! Uneasily,
she looked about to make sure Brutus and Drake
were nowhere in sight. When they reached the ocean
floor, the penguins waited as still as could be. Within
no time, another school of fish was swimming their
way. Princess tried to remember exactly what her
mother had done. She paused, focusing her big eyes
on the fish. It was now or never! She darted towards
them! They instantly split in all directions. She swam
faster and faster after them, but the tiny fish sped
away, disappearing into the dark ocean. It was no
use. Princess just wasn’t fast enough. She hung her
head in disappointment. With a heavy heart, the little