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about. Up in the air she could feel the warm sun
upon her back. Then back into the waves she went,
enjoying the cool water. When an especially big
wave came her way, the little penguin lay on her
stomach and surfed. She rode the giant wave all
the way back to the beach. Her mother was waiting
patiently for her on the shore.
“Stay close now,” she reminded Princess.
They dove into the water, though it was
difficult for Princess to keep up with her mother at
first. But she used her flippers to push herself down
into the deeper water. The further they went, the
darker it became. The little Gentoo paddled with all
her might to catch up with her mother until she was
right beside her. They swam together until Princess
noticed her mother had stopped. A school of fish
was nearby. Quickly, her mother started forward as
the group of fish scattered. Like a lightning bolt,
she sped after them! With a stretch of her neck, she
snatched up one of the fish with her hooked bill.
Princess was amazed! She couldn’t wait to try it for
herself! But she obediently followed her mother to