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the water. The pair walked quietly, admiring their
colorful surroundings. Boasting white sandy beaches
and grassy hills, the Falkland Islands were a perfect
place for a penguin to live. In the distance, rocky cliffs
hovered above the dark blue ocean. Princess could
almost taste the salty sea in the air as they neared
the shore. Her bright eyes were still wandering about
when she noticed her mother had stopped.
“It’s time that I tell you about the dangers that
lurk in the ocean, Princess. In the shallow waters
where the waves meet the shore, sea lions wait,” she
warned. “There are two that have been spotted near
here. They call them Brutus and Drake. They are the
biggest, meanest sea lions you could ever imagine. So
stay close,” she finished, patting Princess on the head.
The pair waddled on until the foamy water
touched their bright orange feet. Before them,
hundreds of penguins were already splashing their
mornings away. It looked like such fun to Princess.
She couldn’t help but dive right into the waves!
Almost instantly, she’d forgotten her mother’s
warning. She leapt out of the water as she swam