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she always did. They’d been friends their whole
lives and knew exactly how to cheer each other up.
“Don’t worry. We’ll have time to play later,”
Pearl promised.
“Okay!” Princess said as she turned and
waddled back to her nest. Her father was nowhere
in sight and Princess guessed he’d probably joined
his friends in the Gentoo colony. Her mother though,
appeared to be waiting for her.
“Are you ready to learn how to fish today, little
one?” she asked.
“Sure!” Princess replied readily. If Pearl was
going to learn how to forage today, then Princess
wanted to do it, too.
She gazed at hermother’s long tail andmandarin
orange bill. Her feathers of jet black and bright white
were beautiful. Like all Gentoos, she had a wide
white band on top of her head. It stretched from
one eye to the other. Her mother nodded her head
toward the beach and they made their way down to