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“Just a few more minutes,” her dad mumbled
as he rolled over. He covered his head with his
black flippers and resumed a light snore.
“But I want to swim!” Princess persisted. She
hopped up and looked around her. There were
penguins everywhere. How would she ever find her
friend, Pearl? She searched among the crowd until
she spotted her. Pearl was waddling along with her
mother down to the beach.
“Pearl! Wait for me!” Princess cried as she
hurried towards them. Pearl waved and nudged
her mother’s flippers.
“Good morning, Princess,” Pearl’s mother said.
She watched as the fluffy little penguin came their
way. “I’m going to teach Pearl to catch her own fish
today. It’s called foraging. Will we see you and your
mother in the water?”
Princess tried not to look disappointed.
Learning to forage for fish could take all day. There
might not be any time left over to swim with her
friend. But Pearl patted Princess on the back like