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Princess’s parents stood. “It would be best if
you headed straight home now, Pearl,” her father
advised. The little penguin chicks followed Princess’s
parents back towards their nests. Glancing sadly at
each other, they both understood that the rest of
the day would be no fun at all.
The afternoon sun had nearly vanished
along with the arrival of the snow clouds. A strong
wind blew the feathers about while poor Princess
waddled after them. She pushed the tall grass
aside and thought of the Little Blue Fairies. Had
they saved her from the sea lions? Princess was
sure she’d seen them flying away. She carefully
picked up little black and white feathers until she
noticed something moving in the corner of her eye.
Stopping, she watched the grass shake. Something
was moving towards her. Whatever it was, it was
getting very close. Startled, Princess stepped
backwards. It got nearer and nearer until…
“Boo!” Pearl bounded at her friend with her
flippers in the air.