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“Princess, are you okay? What were you two
doing swimming with the Rockhoppers?” she asked.
For once, Princess was silent. She felt terrible for
not telling her parents where she was. But she
couldn’t get the image of the little blue fairies out
of her head. She couldn’t believe it. They were real!
“Princess?” her mother repeated. This time,
Pearl jumped in.
“We’re sorry we left without telling anyone. We
were just going for a quick swim when we saw the
Rockhoppers jumping off the cliffs. We wanted to
get a little closer and just then Drake and Brutus
appeared out of nowhere!” she exclaimed.
Princess’s mother sighed and her expression
softened. “I know you two like to have fun, but you
were in great danger today! You can’t just go off
whenever youwant without telling anyone. Princess,
as punishment you’ll have to collect feathers for the
nest for the remainder of the day,” she said.
Princess hung her head and nodded in silence.