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pushing her under the water! She paddled furiously
but couldn’t get to the surface. Opening her eyes,
she searched the surface desperately. What was
everyone so afraid of? In an instant, she knew. It was
Drake and Brutus! They were attacking the group of
penguins! Princess felt her heart racing. She paddled
with all her might, but couldn’t break free from the
group. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see
them approaching. The sea lions’ enormous mouths
were open, revealing the sharpest teeth she’d ever
seen! As Brutus and Drake began moving in even
closer, suddenly Princess felt herself being pulled
by her feet! Out of the water and onto the beach,
she realized someone had saved her! Though she
couldn’t see who it was, she was relieved to feel
the soft sand beneath her. Trembling, she lay on
the beach and looked up at the sky. Her parents’
terrified faces hovered above her. In the distance,
though, she noticed something peculiar floating
away. Tiny and blue, it disappeared into the fluffy
white clouds.