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“We’ll be fast. Come on, let’s porpoise race!”
Pearl said.
“You mean we leap out of the water as we
swim?” she asked.
“Yeah. It’s called porpoising.”
Princess couldn’t resist. “Just one quick race,”
she agreed.
“First one to the group of Rockhoppers wins!
On three! One, two, three!”
Both penguins plunged into the water. As they
swam against the current they leaped out of the
waves. In and out they went until they reached the
Rockhoppers. Their heads popped out of the water
at the same time.
“Awww. Looks like a tie,” Pearl pouted.
Princess shrugged and playfully squirted her
friend with water. Pearl squirted her back and they
both laughed. As both penguins turned to head
home, a frightened cry rang out! The other penguins
began splashing wildly. Princess suddenly felt them