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waddling down to the shore. Princess loved the feel
of the velvety sand beneath her webbed feet. Though
the ocean was chilly, Princess and Pearl dove in
without hesitating. They splashed and played
happily until Princess suddenly noticed something
dark hit the water in the distance.
“What was that?” she asked. Princess and
Pearl stood and waited until another dark object
hit the water with a splash!
“The Rockhopper penguins! They’re jumping
off the cliff!” Pearl laughed. Princess couldn’t
believe her eyes. High above them, the Rockhopper
penguins were lined up. One at a time, they each
bounded off the cliff into the glistening blue ocean
“Let’s get closer,” Pearl suggested. Princess
hesitated and looked back towards her family’s
“Our parents don’t know where we are.
Shouldn’t we tell them first?” she asked.