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“Shhhhh! Come on!” Princess whispered.
Pearl quickly stretched and followed Princess
cheerfully thru the sharp blades of grass. Pushing
each blade aside carefully with her flippers, Princess
felt a cold, wet snowflake land on her head.
“Look Pearl, it’s snowing!” she said with delight.
Both penguins held their flippers out to the
side, trying to catch a fallen snowflake.
“That reminds me of a joke. Wanna hear it?”
Pearl asked.
“Sure!” Princess loved her friend’s jokes. Pearl
was always coming up with the silliest ways to make
her laugh.
“Okay. Where do penguins keep their money?”
Princess thought for amoment, then shrugged.
“I don’t know.”
“In a snow bank!” Pearl cried.
The friends laughed together as they continued