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Princess just hoped they’d be brave enough to
face Drake and Brutus. The little chick yawned and
her eyes became heavy.
“Let’s head home,” her father said.
As they started for home, Princess couldn’t
help but wonder about the Little Blue Fairies.
Could they really exist? As they reached the nest,
she breathed in the scent of the Falkland lavender
that wafted through the night air. It was a smell
that always reminded her of home. Beneath the
golden moon, the sleepy penguin nestled in next to
her parents and drifted off to sleep.
Princess awoke the next morning to the wind
whistling around her. She hopped out of the nest
and headed out to find Pearl. Their nests weren’t
far from each other and she spotted her friend
quickly. Princess was careful not to wake Pearl’s
parents. With a feather from the nest, she tickled
her friend’s feet.
“Hey!” Pearl laughed as she opened her eyes.