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up at the twinkling stars.
“There are ways to escape a sea lion. If you’re
swimming and one attacks, always swim to the
surface. The white feathers we wear on our bellies
make us difficult to see from below. You will be
invisible to the sea lion when the sun is shining
down on the water. Once you get to the surface,
swim as quickly as possible! And there is one other
thing,” he said.
Princess eyed him curiously. “What?”
“Have you ever heard about the legend of the
Little Blue Fairies?” he asked. Princess shook her
“It’s well known among the penguins. For
longer than I can remember, I’ve heard about them.
Legend has it they are the smallest penguins you’ve
ever seen. They even fly! Some say that they have
magical glitter on their feathers and save penguins
when they’re in trouble. If you ever truly need them,
they will come,” he explained.