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looked around. Next to her, her father sat up, too.
“Come with me,” he whispered, so as not to
awaken Princess’s mother. Side by side, the two
penguins strolled quietly towards the beach. High
above, the bright moon lit their path. The delicate
sand tickled her feet as Princess and her father
waddled along the shore. Resting near the water,
they watched the waves roll in.
“Can’t sleep?” Princess’s father finally asked.
“No,” she replied.
“If something is troubling you, maybe I can
help,” he offered.
“Mom took me to the ocean today. She wanted
to teach me to forage but I wasn’t fast enough. If I
can’t swim faster than some little fish, how can I
escape a sea lion?” Princess asked.
“You’ve heard of Brutus and Drake?”
“Yes,” she said.
Her father was silent for a moment. He looked